Wednesday, July 07, 2004

aimless conversations about the better days.

Staring at a million city lights
But still Penny and I are all alone beneath the sky
Feel the wind brushing slowly by
If I could soar I would try to take these wings and fly
Away to where the leaves turn red
But no matter where I am instead
Singing along to "Feeling Alright"
Or making it by in the pink moonlight
It's always Penny and me tonight

'Cause Penny and me like to roll the windows down
Turn the radio up push the pedal to the ground,
And Penny and me like to gaze at starry skies
Close our eyes, pretend to fly
It's always Penny and me tonight

[audiophile : penny & me/ hanson]

i couldn't resist posting this though i have already posted a song lyric for today. hanson is back in the act, and penny & me is perfekt.


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