Friday, July 23, 2004

concerning angels and demons.

The lights are out in the city tonight
So close your eyes, gaze up at the heavens
And see if you can point me out

If I could have one wish tonight
I'd wish upon a satellite
To bring me back to you
We spend our whole lives searching for
All the things we think we want
And never really knowing what we have

[audiophile : the day the lights went out in nyc/ the ataris]

concerning angels, a blinding light came on angel wings, a gentle confirmation of beauty amidst all uncertainty.

concerning demons, the blinding light henceforth banished them for all eternity.

in relation to my favourite line from five for fighting's if god made you, i am even more convinced now that he's in love with me. how sweet it is.

the pain passes, the beauty remains. -- pierre auguste renoir


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