Monday, July 12, 2004

it starts with one...

Can you save me from this world of mine
Before I get myself arrested with this expectation
You are the one, look what you've done
What have you done?
This is not some kind of joke
You're just a kid
You weren't ready for what you did

And when the world is on its knees with me it's fine
And when I come to the rescue I do it for you time after time
Everybody seems to be getting what they need, where's mine
'Cause you're what I need so very, but I'm anything but ordinary

[audiophile : ordinary/ train]

i want the spidey II ost.

week 3, with the prelims in approximately seven weeks. school is going to become such a drag. i'm hoping it will be a case of it's-over-before-you-know-it, because get me away from here i'm dying! attending chem lectures that should be renamed a brief history of food or the dummy's guide to beans doesn't make it any better.

though i'm quite happy i get to take bus to school with ku nowadays. :D


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