Thursday, July 01, 2004

life, the rehearsal.

Reocurring feelings tell me I'm wrong
Nothing worse than believing, it's easier to just move on
Surrounding nothing with arms that needed so much more
Still there is something that both of us are searching for
Well I wish you knew
But there is nothing we can do

You don't have to try to explain
We already know that we've changed
We just grew apart, there's no blame, no blame for us ending this way

[audiophile : endings/ familiar 48]

thank you hauns, this song is what i would call absolutely perfekt.

i did say in my series of emails that i wasn't going to be blogging for a while.

(but o well, this isn't such big a deal. a week isn't a very long time.)

and no, obviously i haven't been entirely cut off from the internet. i have been utilising my email account fully. at least now i know how evil msn is.

i think there's some sort of of escapist pleasure in plunging oneself into full-time mugging. there's a surreal peace in being happily married to one's books. vi will attest to that.

i love receiving random smses from random people. i've come to love the strokes' album room on fire. thanks bean! - from mik. ahhh the strokes. the album is so repetitive it is incapable of interfering with my thought waves. in other words, it's great for mugging.

chij's 150th anniversary celebrations this weekend at chijmes. i'll be going with xuan. there are going to be a bazaar, performances, a play... i'm really excited.

nothing worse than pretending that we don't see that the end is here. this is all worth remembering, but living it is all too clear.


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