Sunday, July 11, 2004

like a good book.

here's a big happy birthday to jiahui, whimsical in mind and sweet in spirit. my impulse sms dedication to her on power98 was read out, along with penny & me! yay! got me in a spankingly good mood. the next few birthdays will be mari's, madd's and mine, all in november, the month of the A levels. sigh.

am going to write my book review on tibet, tibet: a personal history of a lost land by patrick french tomorrow. it reads like a good novel- detailing the history of tibet while being an enchanting travelogue.

in relation to miss foo, whose sms reads you pok. what kind of conversation is done by blogs?, i am greatly amused but nah, i prefer to remain msn-less for the moment. partly because of it being a distraction from my loyal partner in marriage (my books) and partly because i'm disillusioned with it. aren't some things better said face to face than hidden behind the guise of the internet? and isn't it strange the way people can argue, backstab, bitch about each other, etc once they're online? i'm not about to live my life that way, not least till i get tired of not having my friends within easy reach.

like a good book, i can't put this day back, a sorta fairytale with you...


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