Saturday, July 03, 2004

true blue forevermore.

Maybe redemption has stories to tell,
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell.
Where can you run to escape from yourself?
Where you gonna go?
Salvation is here...

[audiophile : dare you to move/ switchfoot]

in the morning, i got my hair cut with maos and madd. i think my fringe is now much too short for my liking. we met shauna's sister who's working at borders. the ultimate cool job, i would say.

okaaay i can't get started on what a great time xuan and i had at chij's 150th anniversary celebrations today. true blue was excitement, reminiscence and plain old fun, all at once. we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly walking around the bazaar and watching the performances. sn cheerleading has always been the best around, and chij tp's handbells ensemble were absolutely charming. later in the day, we met dith, sera, lijie, minzie, vi, yuqin, king, khaiqing, jiakai, shawn... so many people. we're true blues forevermore, man.

then i had dinner with my darling weifang. and dessert at this cosy little cake shop at amk central. :)

finally, a day where pure happiness replaced all other ranges of emotions. i'm shagged, but very much alive.


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