Wednesday, July 28, 2004

with one look, i put words to shame.

With one look, I can break your heart
With one look, I play every part
I can make your sad heart sing
With one look you'll know all you need to know

With one smile, I'm the girl next door
Or the love that you've hungered for
When I speak it's with my soul
I can play any role
No words can tell the stories my eyes tell

[audiophile : with one look/ glenn close from the musical sunset boulevard]

awww, aren't these lyrics pretty? i'm suffering from musical starvation. ku must write cds for me!

jiahui, madd and i came up with an almost-prototype for suria-man's costume in the adventures of suria-man and marian jane during ct period. oh and mr ang was playing dodgeball again on questions about the new name (hwa chong institution, the horror!) of our school. he might as well have said something like "i conceed all of you think the name sucks. but the big shots up there who own this place like it. so there, you'll just have to live with it, you porkies!" okay maybe not the you porkies part. :)

staying around in the central plaza yesterday morning before the carnival launch rehearsal with the councillors felt like old times again. the same old idiosyncrasies... marcus's stupid shoulder tapping, zhuanghui being buaya, waiye being self-sacrificial, the couples being couple-ly, the guys playing with the big balls... oh i do miss them quite abit.

i'm going to be throwing a big ball down into the central plaza for the launch. the rehearsal was really funny because i think the whole student population was waiting expectantly for us to throw the balls down but we didn't know the cue. snorts. i still like the big red ball better! that was the cutest, roundest, reddest and most bouncey ball ever!


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