Thursday, August 12, 2004

and the reason is you.

perhaps i am different now, but he still seems very much the same to me... and as i have changed, i react differently and certain things don't affect me much as before. i am glad they cannot affect me. it is not, perhaps, whether i care or not, but that it doesn't occur to me as an issue whether i care. as we are now, peace is the most precious thing... peace doesn't actually have feelings associated with it. peace doesn't plant expectations in you, nor does it sap your energy mercilessly like happiness or sadness can.

what time has taught me is that true friends will always share some sort of connection between them no matter what happens. and that when someone is truly your friend, you should not have to doubt or question it, because it will be evident to you two. the bond you share will be staring at you in the face rather than obscurely waiting for you to seek it.

some words will only be applicable at a particular time, so it is perhaps better to consider their long-term rather than short-term effects. there could be potentially drastic consequences from saying something and then having to disappoint that person in the long run. it would say alot more to show what you feel through your actions rather than empty words.

my thoughts for today are such.


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