Friday, August 06, 2004


She's a fool and don't I know it?
But a fool can have her charms
I'm in love and don't I show it?
Like a babe in arms

Love's the same old sad sensation
Lately, I've not slept a wink
Since this silly situation
Has me on the blink

I'm wild again, beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again
Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered am I

[audiophile : bewitched/ frank sinatra]

i feel so supersized today! am swearing off KFC for a while. i think that's the whole deal about fast food companies - they are really good at tempting us with coupons, discounts, buffets etc. though i don't really like KFC that much in the first place, we did have fun pigging out at thomson plaza, the new hip hangout.

i hereby proclaim my love for... this shop called the craft empire. it's different from any other craft shop i've seen in singapore. i loved the whimsical, country-themed items such as animal cups, saucers, bowls, clocks, fridge magnets, figurines... shauna got this adorable little figurine of a doll in cow's hide for her sister. and there was a "i love cows" door sign that just made me laugh.

i watching the village with my parents later. yay! they're the best dates ever.


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