Sunday, August 01, 2004

( HC ) ²

yesterday reminded me of how much i really love being a councillor. :)

( HC ) ², the hwa chong homecoming carnival in the day was great fun. council's dunking pool was a riot! although certain teachers backed out and i bet mr ang was hiding underneath his office desk. seeing mr lee getting all wet and having to wear the hwa chong pe t-shirt and shorts really cracked me up. for pie-throwing, people just ended up buying our pies to run around the field after their friends. i managed to smash a pie in marcus's face when he came to the booth a second time. (i missed the first time.) and whenever i met my classmates (shauna, mari and co) they were carrying water bombs or water guns to ambush me. terrible people! a pity though, that it rained in the morning so we had to have the launch in the auditorium instead. people were releasing their balloons at the wrong time and it kind of lacked the effect we had practised for in the central plaza. but no matter, we all had fun in the end.

perk yourselves up, councillors!

ushering at the ritz carlton in the evening mainly involved dragging ourselves out of post-carnival-stupor and putting on our brightest, most welcoming smiles. it wasn't easy. my pre-prom verdict on the ritz carlton ballroom is that it's an excellent choice. i missed last year's prom because of my high fever, but i'm definitely turning up this year.

happy birthday too, to pea, my partner in a pod. she was particularly sporting about spending her entire eighteenth birthday working for the council. good on you, dear. :)

council work has finally ended. all my time now should be devoted fully to study and personal time. there's a carnival holiday tomorrow! very pleased.


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