Monday, August 16, 2004

in the heat of summer sunshine...

... i miss you, like nobody else.
[summer sunshine/ the corrs]

looking through the homecoming carnival photos on the council webbie, i managed to spot myself in the middle of one of the mass dance photos. i wonder what/ who i was smiling at. ku is standing just a bit in front of me, looking totally absorbed in her dancing, wahaha. spot the councillors from the thirtieth! i see waiye, benjy, kahyong, gullnaz, fuzz, cheryl, chris, ku and me.

having your junior chase you with a deadline when it used to be your job seems quite surreal. we have retired already! well richmond owes me a treat now.

the olympic games are a welcome distraction from the mundaness of study. the ultimate showdown of michael phelps and ian thorpe soon! i'm such a groupie.


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