Monday, August 09, 2004

i've been thinking about you, my love.

random spurts of emotion are so childish. shame on me, i should grow up myself.

anyway i did consider downloading msn again after receiving two really amusing smses at this wee hour of morning. one from zhui, a classic moment he wanted to share that alas, i cannot. and the other from shauna, whose late-night bursts of inspiration i miss terribly. but well, this is a pointless discussion that i should have abandoned long ago. i just miss you silly billies! i'm such a recluse now that it's scary.

oh i'm in love with jay again, perhaps i always have and will always be in love with him. qi li xiang is formulaic, but magical all the same. i've been quite irritated that i haven't been able to find one of his old albums since i moved. what's worse, i can't even remember it's name though i think it's the third one. someone please copy it for me, i'll be eternally grateful!

reading my site referrers just amuses me to no end. it seems i have quite a healthy following. haha that's my egomaniacal alter-ego speaking.

it's national day already. -waves flag. i hope everyone is happy. :)


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