Thursday, August 12, 2004

pull the trigger.

what we acquired finally from all this was nothing more than an awareness of where we stood. tis evident that what once was special now leaves us cold. i can't forgive the past, and he has lost his faith. but honesty is always the best policy, now there will be no more lies, no more expectations.

as for you, you are deserving of everything you're going through now and are going to go through in future. i don't suppose i need to make it more obvious who i'm talking about. by the way, i have a whole string of expletives waiting for you, all i need is the trigger. if it never comes, here's the same piece of advice i've given you before... (ironic i know, but i can't help myself) grow up.

isn't it about time already?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are certain inalienable truths in life. I'm in no position to expound on them, though these are what I see from my own experience.

1.) Everyone is defined by emotional highs and lows. Don't believe your emotions all the time. The euphoria will eventual fade, as will the suicidal tendencies.

2.) Love will always elude you unless you are willing to follow the crowd in certain ways. You have to make a choice. Choose.

3.) Principles are relative. Whatever the case, don't ONLY follow logic. Emotion is what makes us human.

4.) You may gain an advantage through chicanery, but it is not worth it. Approach everything in good faith and life will reward you. Despite the dog eat dog world out there, humans still populate it. Good faith is always appreciated.

5.) Preserve your past. Your friends will be your link to your past, and the photos and letters you keep will be your legacy.

6.)Always write letters. They are therapeutic, touching, and keep you human.

7.) Friendships come and go. Close friends may not always be close, but appreciate them for now. Believe in friendships, and keep them alive. Differentiate between friends and acquaintances, and realize that some friendships are worth holding on to.

8.) Friendships are two way. If it becomes one way, it is not a friendship. Learn to let go sometimes.

9.) Never confess that you like a close friend. It WILL spoil everything. This is definitely an inalienable truth.

10.) One life. Live it.

10:57 PM  
Blogger happypill said...

i shall address your points, but not all.

this will sound narcisstic since i'm trying to make it applicable to myself. so there.

1. i think i've lost touch with emotional highs and lows. thus you can't really say they're essential in making us human. maybe to certain people, but once i got enough of all those extreme emotions, i was grateful for the chance to put a "do not disturb" sign on my life. and it stayed there.

2. what is the norm, pray tell? i can't choose if i don't know what my options are. anyway do not assume that i'm on a quest for love or whatever. seriously.

4. i haven't lost my faith yet, thanks for the reminder though. i think i reserve the right to bitch when i want to though, this being my blog.

10. i have been acutely aware of that. i live my life as i please. yupp. one life, living it well.

all in all, thanks for your comment... i did enjoy reading it.

11:25 PM  

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