Tuesday, August 10, 2004

riot on an empty street.

i am one happy camper today.

the kings of convenience
have made me very happy. went to HMV with dad in the afternoon... this record reminds me of how much i used to drown in one of their songs winning a battle, losing the war. it is just so perfectly melancholic and easy to dissolve into. you know the kind of song that identifies with you so much that you actually feel good indulging in your sorrow? (which is terribly self-indulgent and self-pitying, of course.) okay that sounded quite contradictory. nevermind.

i hope blogger support replies me soon. like wtf is wrong with their blog-deleting button? it doesn't delete my blog, it just deletes my ability to edit it. complain.

oh, i must thank dust a million for writing me a customised david tao, jay chou, elva hsiao and evonne hsu cd. dust, you shall receive a millionfold! thank you also to mari, shauna and kumei, who have always been nice and agreeable to writing me cds.

it isn't everyday that you get to see two hwachongians whom you both know on tv. but well, it's national day after all. :D


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