Saturday, August 28, 2004

spirited awaaaay.

You're my special angel, show me the way
It's just that there is no one who can
Ever take your place
So bring me back the days before
There are so many things
You have to learn from us all

[audiophile : you're my special angel/ geraldine ho]

that's yixin's former hockey coach for you. from the teenage textbook soundtrack, yum.

i need more reading material. my dad is hiding the new issues of discover magazine, national geographic and even time and newsweek in his bid to stop me from reading till the wee hours of morning. of course it hasn't really been working. i almost always manage to dig out something to read.

proof that sleeping late is bad for you... at 3am this morning, i had quite nasty fall in the kitchen which was slippery for some reason. and the worst thing was having no one awake to call for help and sitting there for like five minutes before i was able to stand up. i realise it sounds funny, but i was feeling quite desperate at that time.

and now, there's absolutely nothing going in my life now except the nearing of the exams.

thank heavens.


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