Friday, September 24, 2004

hey now now...

... don't you know it's not really that complicated?
[swirl 360]

woohoo! i had so much fun at yvonne's today with my classmates. spent a nice afternoon swimming and watching the early seasons of friends on dvd. then we went to town to shop and have dinner.

the OC is back! oliver is really painfully attractive, it's a pity he's has to be the drug addict cum neurotic evil guy.

i suspect i'm going to fall in love with this lifestyle. :)


Blogger cH said...

btw, i saw a gilmore girls link.. maybe u r interested to know that season 5 has started in US.. wid Dean slept wid Rory.. hahahahhahaha! OOPZ! spoiler as usual.. and Rory fought wid Lorelai. and so on and so forth.

12:48 AM  

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