Saturday, September 25, 2004

if i ain't got you baby.

went to HMV in the morning. am rather pleased with my purchases-

alicia keys- the diary of alicia keys and machi's new album (have to admit i can neither read its chinese name nor find a picture of it.)

in the afternoon, i met ku, weif and waiye for some decadence at baker's inn. which wasn't so satisfying cos the service kinda sucked. o well. ku and i had a nice time at kinokuniya today. we spent time in our favourite sections- photography, art, literature, philosophy and psychology. surely, there are too many books with beautiful pictures and words that cost too much. :) joy! we visited gramophone, this music store at paragon which has a great selection of jazz and bossa nova cds. i think i only visit HMV cos of the many vouchers my nice parents have given me to use. if you're looking for slow, soulful listening, gramophone is the place to go.

this is the life! but it's going to end all too soon. :(


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