Friday, September 17, 2004

of MAF, council, devotion and tearing oneself away.

MAF is such a council thing. i can think of all the reasons why i want to go for MAF this year, and they're mostly related to council. the reasons are as follows-

  • to be with the 30th councillors again.
    tis always nice to have them around me. :)

  • to support our juniors.
    i seem to remember that after the months of hard work put into preparation for MAF last year, seeing the huge crowd enjoying themselves was a sort of confirmation that all our effort was worth it.

  • to soak up the family atmosphere.
    it's heartwarming to know that you belong to something.

  • to experience MAF as a guest.
    i spent almost the whole of MAF last year cooking in the student's lounge. which was quite fun too but my classmates were somewhere else enjoying themselves! and i almost missed the grand light-up haha but managed to run out in time.

  • to relive last year's MAF.
    esp all the special moments... singing on the stage, performing speedy gonzalez, watching the school suddenly being flooded with light... and the after-MAF too when we all took photographs around the fountain and the city gate.

  • to see our seniors again.
    some of them whom i haven't seen in ages!

  • to get away from the mundaneness of study.
    well don't we all?

    but... i have that dilemma known as the prelims vs MAF. and my mother won't let me go. she hasn't relented. i think i'll camp out somewhere tomorrow to study and judge her mood (and mine) then.


    Blogger Agagooga said...

    How about going to eat mooncakes? :)

    2:45 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    never really liked mooncakes. haha. hey gabriel... :)


    9:48 PM  

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