Thursday, September 09, 2004

an overload of information.

Between an overload of information
And the striving for a pure dedication
I find myself looking for the exit sign
See your pretty face in the sunshine
In the morning after staying up all night
I want to wake you just to hear you
Tell me it's alright
And all I want to be
Is too much sometimes for me

Good morning baby
I hope I'm gonna make it through another day

I see the stars and all the planets
Fly the great wide world and have it all
Yeah better get a ticket better get in line
I'm praying now for beautiful weather
Take a car and drive forever but I'm
Only ever sitting at the traffic light

And all the world to see
Is too much sometimes for me

[good morning baby/ dan wilson & bic runga]

suddenly this song seems so relevant to my life right now. i feel like my mind has just run a marathon. spent a quiet afternoon at thomson saturating my brain with organic chem. oh yea, i've taken to calling my cow cowtae. daisy is relatively unsuitable since i call so many people daisy. wahaha.

the olympus ads with my favourite korean actress jeon ji-hyun just rock my socks off. gosh this guy on tv is singing the temptations' my girl. the judges seem to like it but i don't agree, bah.

i need a break.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think, that you are not right. Write to me in PM.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I apologise, but this variant does not approach me. Perhaps there are still variants?

2:06 PM  

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