Monday, September 27, 2004

a short history of nearly everything.

yay i did many many things today, haha! for lunch, shauna, mari, ku and i went to burger king at thomson plaza. we then walked down thomson road to look at the puppies in the pet shops. ooooh! can't wait to see what dog shauna finally gets.

for dinner, it was the teachers' day comm chair treat at kublai khan. (yes, genghis' son.) courtesy of cheryl, our beloved comm chair! we were all terribly supersized after the buffet meal. then we couldn't decide on a movie to watch so we ended up watching trailers at cineleisure. i remember we had quite a nice time working as the smallest comm of only seven - cheryl, chris, benjy, ku, kahyong, yifong and me. quite nice to see them all together again.

gee i have more than enough reading material to last me till... whenever i decide to stop reading storybooks before As. my dad passed me his copy of bill bryson's a short history of nearly everything so i think i'll read that first.

perfect day, nothing's standing in my way...


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