Monday, October 04, 2004

canned heat!

this morning, my belief that gleneagles hospital was within walking distance of orchard mrt was proved wrong. i must have walked for more than half an hour in the sweltering sun, though it seemed like eons. (okay i admit i stopped to have a caffeine fix at starbucks.) today's weather was particularly bad... i seem to remember the weather at the beginning of this year was at an extreme-- rainy and chilly. which is much easier to bear than this disgusting heat, seriously.

rushed back to school to attend the wake of our principal's father at sengkang with some of the councillors. afterwards, we were so stricken by lethargy from the afternoon heat that i came home right after lunch. air-con = heaven.

today's the last day of blissful oblivion. i'm hoping tomorrow will be okay but i don't really know. i need to get myself out of this inertia. according to newton's first law, an object will stay in its state of perpetual rest (that's me!) or motion if no net external force acts on it. physics trivia for you... good luck. :)


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