Tuesday, October 05, 2004

death of the first born.

today i just want to congratulate my junior richmond on the publication of the first aspiro news of his council term. :) dust and i jointly wrote an article on the thirtieth anniversary grand dinner, so do look out for it.

what a hazy, crazy day. thank you to all my touch-a-phobic classmates who got over their touch-a-phobia temporarily today. you all are a godsend. and i refuse to be called charlotte or bacon or bacon bean charlotte.

it's amazing how quickly a year can pass us by. i read my paper journal on this day last year, and my immediate thoughts are... you mean it's been a year already? how odd! anyhow i guess the main merit of keeping a journal is having a detailed record of your life and your feelings at a particular time. the downside is of course that you tend to analyse and regurgitate the past when it's impossible to change anything anyway. well i wonder what i'll be doing at this day next year. i hope i'll be working overseas like i've planned to.

and to you my loves... godspeed!


Blogger domchir said...

yay thnx snr i owe u a treat

10:01 PM  
Blogger happypill said...

it's okay. you can treat me after my As. actually i should treat you too cos my senior treated me. but well. :)

12:50 AM  

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