Wednesday, October 13, 2004

how low i could get down to the ground.

I tried to climb your steps
I tried to chase you down
I tried to see how low I could get down to the ground
I tried to earn my way
I tried to tame this mind
You better believe that I tried to beat this

sometimes a song comes along and you just feel such an immediate connection and identification with your innermost feelings that you stop and think wow this must be karma! that was how lifehouse's sick cycle carousel was for me. it will always be so subtlely beautiful.

i realised that if i study in the UK, i'll probably be spending my days pondering on life and love, reading, writing in my journal and being suitably depressed and melancholy amidst the terrible weather. shauna reasoned that the reason why coldplay and keane were so depressed was because of the perpetual rain and smog and what-have-you. she also said that i'll probably enjoy it, me being me. :)


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