Monday, October 18, 2004

like a good book, i can't put this day back.

On my way up north
Up on the ventura
I pulled back the hood
And I was talking to you
And I knew then it would be
A life long thing
But I didn't know that we,
We could break a silver lining

And I'm so sad
Like a good book
I can't put this day back

A sorta fairytale with you

[tori amos]

this song is a fairytale in itself. it has the prettiest, most magical lyrics. i'm not sure whether i've posted it here before but no matter, i enjoy reading the lyrics again.

my dear dust, you had better get over your infatuation with Brian Ignatius Ong also known as BIO quick. how dare you busy yourself with brian rather than talk to yours truly, the great beanbummmms?

you are such a daisy.


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