Wednesday, October 06, 2004

you fall on me for anything you like.

This is the last time
That I will show my face
One last tender lie
And then I'm out of this place
So tread it into the carpet
Or hide it under the stairs
Say that some things never die
Well I tried and I tried

Something I wasn't sure of
But I was in the middle of
Something I forget now
But I've seen too little of

The last time
You fall on me for anything you like
Your one last line
You fall on me for anything you like
And years make everything alright
You fall on me for anything you like
And I no I don't mind

[audiophile : the last time/ keane]

woo hoo i'm in love with this song. andre lent me the keane hopes and fears album and something else by ben harper that i don't really like. the keane cd on the other hand is full of depressing tunes. in one word: perfekt!

mr remedios very nicely gave mari and i each a lance armstrong livestrong wristband after we complimented him on his and subsequently begged him for one. it represents lance armstrong's battle with testicular cancer. anyway i'm quite pleased mr remedios is one of the new council teachers. i think he'll be excellent!


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