Saturday, October 30, 2004

you think you know me.

I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep
Nobody's really seen my million subtleties

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark

If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

[autobiography/ ashlee simpson]

woohoo! i'm not quite a fan of ashlee simpson's part-howling but this is funky! :)

and i'm in a rather good mood today because of a few discoveries! the first and biggest is... as of today, i have an incredibly fast connection! and i'm not paying a single cent for it. neither is any member of my household. i won't say how here but i expect you can guess, my dear informed citizens of the IT age. and the other discoveries are seemingly minor but significant things about certain individuals. no, not gossip. significant things.

i think i will be camping out tomorrow. i need to get away from my laptop!

and this postscript is for all of dust's brians - beware! (if you suspect you're a brian, check with dust.)


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