Monday, November 01, 2004

just get on the good foot.

There ain't nothing to it
If you wanna get down then we can do it, do it
There ain't nothing to it
Get out your seat
Why, you ain't glued to it
Be easy and watch that tone
Keep stepping with your new suede shoes on
Boys and girls lets all sing along
Now everybody just get on the good foot

[justin timberlake feat. timberland]

trust justin timberlake to come up with something that's toe-tappingly catchy and with a beat that just won't get out of my head. i miss dancing the s7 fac dance. like i love you! it all came to me while i was listening to steph's mp3 player today. haha. it's been a long time.

awwww. adorable stress relief for all ages!


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