Wednesday, November 10, 2004

popular mechanics.

hmmm i haven't posted for almost a week. i expect you know i have been occupied with saturating my head with facts and formulas, just like the rest of the j2 population. oh well since the physics exam is approaching, here's the lyrics of a song entitled (suitably, i might add) "popular mechanics for lovers".

I heard he wrote you a song
But so what, some guy wrote sixty-nine
And one just ain't enough

And there's no sense in trying
I know cos I've been
Trying all the time to find
Something that would make you mine
But all I ever find my love
Are clichés that don't rhyme

Popular mechanics for broken hearts could help me now


awfully cute, wouldn't you agree?

one of my most treasured memories is of a place i visited when i was a child. i can't recall the exact location, though i believe it's in indonesia or the philippines. i remember running down a slope with the greenest grass, and then stopping in front of a vast lake. my parents and i then took a tour of the lake and the surroundings in a boat. subsequently, we adjourned to the little cottage on top of the hill for tea. it all seems so clear, because since then, i have never felt so happy and free. i believe i will find that place again, one day.

strange have been my dreams of late. i wasn't aware there were so many people swimming about in the recesses of my memories and thoughts. nights of lucid dreaming often ruin perfectly good sleep, leaving me drained and confused. and you, i miss you so, so much... it's comforting that i will see you soon.



Anonymous TESS said...

what is this?
i have been repeating the last paragraph over and over in my head for ages...
so I finally google'd it to see what movie or book I got it from.
and your blog came up.
Did you write this?
Please email me:
it's driving me crazy.

2:39 PM  

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