Sunday, January 30, 2005

everyone loves a party...

... what more an indochine party? the grand opening of the forbidden city at clarke quay! met izack for dinner, then mari, marcus and ku later. we were scanning the crowd for people closer to our age group when we suddenly spotted steph kudus and abigail from sngs! it's funny because i was their class councillor when they were in s1 charity, and now they're already in s4.

the forbidden city is really the boss's pride and joy. i forgot to take a photo of him in his chinese emperor get-up! oh there was a drag queen show, which was quite a different experience. and we got back early! our main problem was that the music didn't really suit our palate? somehow i will never ever take to house music. it just feels strange to dance to. i'm a fan of r & b! but the club has to cater to an older (20s to 40s) crowd i guess.

as seen from above, i now have with me episodes 2 to 13 of desperate housewives, enough to put me in tv bliss for the next few days. :D


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