Saturday, May 14, 2005

this little light of mine...

... i'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

i had such a nice time today. met up with ku in the afternoon to pay the balance for our peking trip. so it's confirmed, we'll be leaving on the 24th and returning on 1st june. can't wait to savour authentic beijing cuisine! woohoo!

as with all our saturdays out together, there was a very healthy amount of walking. we walked all the way from chinatown to funan centre because we couldn't find a nice air-conditioned place to settle down for lunch. haha.

this evening was supposed to be the first outing in two months where all five of us (madd, mari, tee, shaunie and i) would be present. in the end, i met only shaunie and tee after all. we had what was the most delightful dinner complete with the most important ingredient : xiao long baos. from now on, everyone should boycott the disgustingly crowded crystal jades and try the food at imperial treasures nan bei restaurant. it is neither overcrowded nor overpriced. and the xiao long baos are simply heavenly. you can find it on the fifth floor of takashimaya, near breeks.

life's little treasures are made of these... good friends, good food, and nice rainy weather when i'm warm and safe indoors.


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