Monday, July 24, 2006

viva italia part IV : firenze. (florence)

day 10 - 11 : firenze (florence)

day 10, we arrive in florence, the artsy and romantic capital of tuscany. this is a photo of TK queueing. first thing we did when we arrived was to join the queue to see michelangelo's statue of david in the galleria academia. seeing david in the books and meeting him "in the flesh" was quite different. the statue, carved out of one piece of marble and towering at 5 metres, was quite amazing altogether. no photos allowed inside, so here's a picture of david.

later in the day, we decided to ascend the peak of florence's glorious duomo, santa maria del fiore. it was a formidable 500 plus, vertigo-inducing steps!

we were rewarded with a close-up view of the last judgement under the dome.

florence, the city of red roofs.

dinner was pasta at restaurant za za, highly recommended by lonely planet italy.

the next morning, we were up very early to beat the crowd at the other important art gallery in florence, the uffizi.

(photo from wikipedia) of the extensive art collection, my favourite was leonardo da vinci's unfinished the adoration of the magi, which had interesting depth and composition. also remarkably beautiful was sandro botticelli's primavera (spring).

florence and the river. today was the festival of san giovanni, the city's patron saint, so there were celebrations going on, including a fireworks display when it got dark.

serendipity led us to watch the argentina vs mexico game! the mexican fans were much noiser with their horns and mexican hats, but argentina won ultimately.

the fireworks display was quite uncoordinated, with various kinda of fireworks being repeated so many times that the effect became rather muted towards the end. having said that, standing under the brightly lit sky with the rest of florence's denizens made for a wonderful end to our evening. next, we left for venice, city on water.


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