Wednesday, September 13, 2006

viva italia part VI : mount paganella, trentino.

day 14 - 15 : mount paganella, trentino

day 14, we hopped on a train from venice to the town of trent, where we would have to take a bus to the base of mount paganella in the italian alps. when we reached trent, we were distracted by a duck pond!

the ducks were so adorable. :) quack!

what was to follow wasn't documented in pictures, partly because we were so confused. we got on the bus to fai della paganella, where we were supposd to take the cable car up to the peak of mount paganella. no one on the bus spoke english, but by a variety of hand signs and words exchanged with the passengers, we managed to get off at the correct stop. when we got down the bus and walked towards the cable car station, we noticed one important thing...

there were no cable cars on the cables! apparently the cable cars were under repair, and we had to take the cable cars up the mountain from the next town instead. there we were in a quiet, somewhat deserted area with only a hotel nearby. stranded until the next bus arrived (in an hour's time), we decided to do the brave thing - hitch a ride. and amazingly, someone did stop for us! a nice italian lady in an SUV.

so we managed to get to the picturesque mountain town of andalo in much shorter a time than expected! we were greeted by cool, fresh and tangy mountain air... a welcome escape from the sweltering venetian weather.

so it was up the mountain by cable car and then chair lift. fun!

up to the peak - a height of 2120 m... to comfy weather.

hmmm. this being summer, the view from the peak wasn't very inspiring. there also weren't many tourists there except a group of elderly german tourists who had come from the north. (trent was just south of germany.) we occupied ourselves with eating whatever food we had brought that day. :)

after just half an hour at the peak, it was time to get going! we had to catch the last bus back to trent, and then the last train back to venice.

after that, it was a rush to catch the bus back!

andalo, the first town in the world to which i had to hitch a ride to.

and by our calculations, our fateful visit to mount paganella meant a total of 16 hours of travelling, for half an hour at the peak.

from venice to trent by train : 2 and 1/2 hours
from trent to fai della pagenella by bus : 1 hour
from fai della pagenella to andalo by car : 1/2 hour
from andalo to the peak of paganella by cable car/ chair lift : 1 hour
waiting time in between : 3 hours

total (from venice and back to venice later) : 8 x 2 = 16 hours.

but it was a trip not wasted. we had fun, and shared strange and wonderful experiences. next, we left italy for austria, where the hills are alive! :)


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