Sunday, October 01, 2006


so i've been told to blog more.

but i just haven't had that much to say recently.

well. :)

things that have happened since the last coherent post about my life...

my boy left for chicago. and friends like wupo, xiz and andy have since returned to parts of the UK and europe too. the blessed mid-sem break was welcomed, with much more personal time to be grateful for! met up with my mentor and fellow mentees sauyee and lynette for a glorious italian dinner, enjoyed for a therapeutic shopping trip with cel and huilin, had my nails done with ais and huilin, caught singapore dreaming with henghui and ku, and so on... in other happenings, LAPS - the lonely attached people society - was formed, a support group for people in medicine with other halves overseas. as silly as it sounds... laps does have a nice ring to it, and its existence does make sense. :)

heard a piece of good news today! gosh i'm terribly slow. glad that laps has a new member.

and happy, happy, happiest birthday to sexy suriya, hope that you had a terrific twenty-first!

it's hcjc's mid-autumn celebrations or MAF next week. feeling reminiscent again. every year's MAF tends to make me stop and think about things. every year is special, and brings with it a different set of emotions.

MAF of 2003

the annual hwachong mid autumn festival (MAF) celebrations are almost here n i can smell e excitement already. e councillors have changed their msn nicks to MAF acronyms, with great creativity, such as zhi en's Move Aside, Fatso! tdy i sat alone in e central plaza and thought, then prayed. with e centerpiece n lighting gently swaying with e wind, e buzz of e work session in e inner plaza n e gentle rush of e fountain water in e distance, i felt immensely whole. :) n i am going to reiterate, i felt so lucky! yes, almost there, hand in hand with u. meanwhile, my msn nick stands at Muse And Flirt. :D

MAF of 2004

to tell you the truth, i went for MAF to see the 100% perfect boy. and i know he is 100% perfect, in all ways.

but i won't tell you whether he turned up. (duh! -looks cryptic.)

awww anyway MAF was quite fun. it was nice to see everyone again. oh and justin's group won the eating competition! not bad at all. i'm back early with a stupid headache so i think i'll go to sleep presently. see you all next year!


more on MAF! before the grand light-up, i was walking around with
ku, then she disappeared into the crowd and i suddenly found myself alone. the school's lights dimmed so everyone stopped moving in anticipation. so yea, i was like looking around thinking, where the hell is ku and stupid me was too stingy to call the councillors cos i didn't want to spend money on phonecall. then the fireball was lit and the fountain started... the most beautiful part of MAF and there i was standing alone among hoards of faces i couldn't recognise. how absolutely unromantic! but o well i managed to locate one familiar face after a while, quanyao from 78 who had lost everyone too. bah!

MAF of 2005

i loved MAF today.

i will always love MAF.

and i'm happy.


what could be better, than to be together again? hanging out with the thirtieth councillors, spotting and surprising classmates and schoolmates in the crowd, linking arms to sing hwa chong songs, realising that the mass dances have been modified by the juniors, trying to remember the steps to scandalous, sitting outside the council room with wupo strumming the guitar... just like old times.

yesterday was nice. :) in every way.


happy for the memories. :)