Sunday, January 28, 2007

sheep may safely graze.

ah well, i'm here but i don't have anything out of the ordinary to say. life's been nothing much more than school, school, school and a peppering of 21st birthday parties. on that note, happy 21st birthday emmy! hope you had the loveliest birthday, and may you always be this beautiful! i've also watched some pretty good movies on dvd in the past few weeks, thanks to a few friends in med. and there's season three of project runway to keep my thursday nights occupied... aye, getting rather worried about work, actually.

doesn't everyone love a pretty girl? here are some fashion photography shots of ravishing chinese model du juan i found on foto decadent. hope no one gets upset with me for stealing these.

take me to paris, mon petit ami!

Monday, January 22, 2007

this comes a day late but...

You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always stay around
You are the apple of my eye
Forever you'll stay in my heart
i'm glad we got to somewhat-celebrate your birthday before you left.

happy, happy, happiest 23rd birthday, dearest! may you be exceedingly blessed this year, that your 24th year of life may be even more special and beautiful for you. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.

this is definitely one of the most starkly moving films i've ever watched. spoilers ahead, so if you want to watch this movie and hate having the ending spoilt for you, you probably should not read this.

schindler's list tells the true story of a catholic businessman who came to krakow to make a living during the WWII german occupation of poland. oskar schindler ended up running a successful business with many polish jews working for him. yet, after witnessing the 1942 liquidation of the krakow jewish ghetto, in which many of his jewish workers were brutally murdered by the german soldiers, schindler's views, his ideals and his life thereafter took a dramatic turn. this change is characterised perhaps by schindler watching a little girl in red (the movie is in black and white) walking about innocently through the chaos.

from wikipedia :

"Schindler can be viewed as going through three stages in his career: a first stage where he was primarily interested in making money, a second stage where he wanted to make money, protect his workers, and be safe himself, and a third stage where he realized that he would not be able to achieve these three goals, that he would have to make a choice, and he chose to protect his workers."

with the help of his faithful jewish assistant itzhak stern, schindler came up with a list (schindler's list) of "essential" jewish workers that he claimed to need for his factory manufacturing artillery shells. in truth, he was saving them from certain death that came from being deported to concentration camps. when a train of his female workers was mistakenly directed to auschwitz, schindler paid an extensive bribe for their release. schindler eventually gave away his entire fortune and put his own safety on the line by continuously bribing officials of the third reich so that his workers could live and work in peace. at the factory, schindler's jews were allowed to practise the sabbath and live as real human beings, free from the dangers of the third reich.

i cried at the end, when the war ended and schindler (a member of the nazi party) had to leave and go into hiding from the soviet army. schindler's jews gathered outside the factory, and gave him a letter explaining to the soviets why schindler did what he did (in case he was captured) and a ring with an engraving from the talmud...

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."

that line becomes the central theme of the movie, and the audience feels it thoroughly. schindler is racked with guilt and breaks down when he realises that money from his luxurious car, expensively tailored clothes and gold lapel pin could have saved even more people... but his workers surround and calm him by putting their arms around him, saying "you have saved so many."
liam neeson, ben kingsley and ralph fiennes put up captivating and powerful performances as schindler, stern and the german ss leader amon goth respectively.

ralph fiennes' portrayal of the cruel and inhumane amon goth with the characteristic steely gaze was instrumental in exhibiting the atrocities commited by the germans during the holocaust.

ben kingsley as itzhak stern, the sharp and resourceful jewish accountant who was always looking out for his fellow man.

liam neeson as oskar schindler, the man whose moral upheavals in life led him to make a difference.

ralph fiennes and liam neeson play mind games.

the real oskar schindler in the 1950s. schindler is apparently the only former member of the nazi party to have been awarded the righteous among the nations, an honor awarded to upright non-jews who have risked their lives to save jews from persecution during the holocaust.

this is a must watch, for an accurate, heartbreaking portrayal of the suffering of the jews during WWII, and for the stunning story of a protagonist who made a moral decision, and kept to it despite the odds.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

lundi lunch.

monday, and lunch with marcus and mari who's back from the land of oz.

mari has four dogs now! here are panda, tigger and munchkin.

panda is so big now! and she's such a sweet girl.

munchkin and panda!

carrying munchkin, awwww. i think munchkin bit a hole in my skirt last june or july, when she was still a puppy, haha.

and us at the bus stop, from mari's camera. :)

been loving this piece for a while : itzhak perlman plays fritz kreisler's prelude and allego in the style of pugnani. and it really is pugnani (gaetano pugnani, an italian violinist) and not paganini (niccolò paganini, also an italian violinist, but very much more famous). enjoy. :)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

our lovely convent.

yummmmy! back at sngs and tucking into delicious orange-bowl noodles! it's been over four years since we've graduated, and the soup still has that distinct, unmistakable flavour.

uncle mobeen's large, familiar drink stall, a permanent fixture in our canteen.

zhimin is happy.

and so's yixin.

with ku!

with jingjin.

spot our head-prefect from the class of 2002, celene hui!

we spent some time looking at old photographs outside the staff room! this photo has our beloved xiao zhang! and the ever-sleepy du lao shi and feisty miss molly leong.

father balhechet, my moral education teacher in sec.2, who has been mentioned previously in this blog.

and yan chun bao lao shi, sec.2unity 2000's chinese teacher! everyone used to call him shan dong lao shi, because he came from that province in china.

didn't manage to see many teachers, so we'll be back, sometime. :)

and ear candy for one and all - hilary hahn plays bach's violin partita no.2 in d minor, the ciaconna. so strange, and yet so beautiful.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

strive to be happy.

now that line, can be particularly damaging.

Now I know that our world is no more permanent than a wave rising on the ocean. Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into a wash, just like watery ink on paper.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


the exam that seemed to always be at the back of my mind this holiday season is over, and i feel like i can stop for a bit to catch my breath. yet, it will never really end. the next CA is february, folks. that's barely a lousy month away. well i hardly can complain i guess... microbiology has been taxing, but this year's topics have been much more interesting than last year's. so it's not so bad, i suppose.

and i love making webcam dates with you, though it might sound rather silly. :)

watched fragments of chen kaige's farewell my concubine on youtube. leslie cheung is a beautiful man. his portrayal of a homosexual opera singer battling his love for another man and his own inner demons, was at once both enigmatic and heartbreaking.

To be a nun with tresses shorn, how pitiful is my plight,
The altar lamp my sole companion burning through the night!
The days and months speed swiftly by, too soon I shall be old,
My beauty gone, the glow of youth, shrivelled, pale and cold.

A convent is incompatible with a nuptial chamber;
Nor are these altar-candles befitted for bridal use.
I am a pretty maiden, not a boy.
Why should I wear these monastic robes and suffer my waist to be bound with a silken sash?
Where can another be found as sad and forlorn as I?

it's as though the film was a true reflection of leslie cheung's own life... it makes me sad.

i'm not sure what happened at the end. does the fiercely driven gong li succeed in tearing her husband away from his childhood, and his true destiny? and what will the cultural revolution do to the moral ties that bind the three lead characters?

am rather tempted to buy the dvd to watch it properly.


Friday, January 05, 2007

what you need vs what you want.

God gives us not what we want, but what we need.

but what is it i need? ... and what do i really want now, in my life?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

four days more.

hello there. have you ever wondered what it's like having to memorise a seemingly short passage, but one that's teeming (yes, just like overgrowing microbes) with words that you have never come across before?

and then there's bordetella, bartonella, burkholderia and brucella... why do they sound so alike?

okay, this is turning out to be a rather silly blog post. needing an escape!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

30th hcjc councillors' christmas 2006.

with dear old waiye. so happy you're back!

dance partner henghui, currently living it up in saigon.

kahyong, cheryl, weiqi and zhi en.

jingyi and i, besties!

with minyee, my lovely comm secretary.

minyee and jiahui.

weifang and minyee.

with justin leow!

everybuddy, from andy. :)

thank you chong for being such a wonderful host. and happy new year to one and all!

Monday, January 01, 2007

and so it is.

a new day, a new year... once again, he left for chicago.

all of us have our own responsibilities and roles in life to fulfill. i'm sad that he's gone for now... and i will miss him so much. yet i'm happy for him, that he's going back to learning about what he truly enjoys, and improving himself. and as for me... i have bacteriology to occupy my waking hours now. well. time to smile bravely, and get on with reality.

i don't mean to sound jaded, it is the new year after all, with new things to look forward to.

two sleepy beagles named brandy and snappy at my dad's friend's place, where we counted down to the new year.

thank you, the ones who have brought warmth to my heart in 2006.

may 2007 bring you much to smile about and be grateful for. :)

'Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just dream of
Others only dream of the love, the love that I love