Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cee gee ayech.

i've started to grow fond of our surgery team.

a, for her stately demeanor and calm confidence.

b, for his gentle manner and careful hands during operations.

c, for his lively spirit and heart for the common man.

d, for his amusing smile and for being a friend to us.

e, for his deadpan manner and positive nature.

f, for her kindness and warmth.

g, for her seriousness and doses of smiles.

h, i, j, for being our teachers as well as our friends.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh tell me who they are!! loved my time there :)


12:44 AM  
Blogger happypill said...

hey nat girl i'll tell you on msn! :) heart!

12:51 AM  

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