Sunday, March 09, 2008

family medicine.

tomorrow marks the return to clinics after three months of exams, break and exams. family medicine sounds like a fun relaxing posting, and i'm looking forward to my two weeks at camry medical centre in toa payoh with dennis chia. was pleasantly surprised when i called the doctor and she knew our names! :)

what we've been through so far :
  • 6 weeks of the clinical skills foundation course (CSFC) at TTSH
  • 8 weeks of medicine at SGH
  • 8 weeks of surgery at CGH
  • 8 weeks of orthopaedic surgery at TTSH and NUH

    what lies ahead :
  • 4 weeks of family medicine at camry medical centre and toa payoh polyclinic
  • 4 weeks of psychiatry at location TBA
  • 4 weeks of emergency medicine at CGH

    before the third year of medschool ends... hopefully i'm safe from any extra examinations. looking forward to paeds and ob&gyn!
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