Wednesday, March 19, 2008

green tea-ramisu.

the long-awaited but somewhat last-minute gathering at sushi teh, thomson plaza.

hon lyn peeks out from behind emmy, zj, suri and joel.

with jiaxing.

i always feel like having cha soba (japanese cold green tea noodles) at japanese restaurants. and i always feel rather unsatisfied...

zj and emmy's hotpot.

salmon rice.

poons and jiaxing.

hon, rose and emmy are hungry monsters!

theme was: something that represents rose.


today was our last day at camry medical centre with dr teo. we only spent 4 days at the GP clinic, but it has been quite enriching and fun. dr teo is a lovely tutor to have- her warm, professional manner and dedication to her patients really showed.

yesterday and today were +ve days, despite the hot weather yesterday and sudden downpour today. caught up with andy over coffee, which was nice. i'm thinking i shouldn't patronise coffee club in the future. haven't had good experiences there so far.

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Blogger jingyi said...

oh dear, i LOVE coffee club! :D haha!

7:21 PM  
Blogger bean said...

hee i kinda think the drinks at TCC are better! you know the one we went with wupo and hh? i had a tummy upset the last time i went to coffee club. :(

6:02 AM  

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