Sunday, March 30, 2008

i'm out of time and all i got is four minutes.

back at sngs for the 75th anniversary funfair on a very warm day. the blessing of good weather, i guess. it was soooo crowded. that's our physics teacher mr gan. cuteness!

evening - gathering and games at my house. hanging with you guys is always awesome!


been listening to madonna + justin timberlake + timbaland's four minutes to save the world on repeat for some time already now. (thanks zj!) this is definitely going to be a club hit.


and i'm looking forward to this - reliving my childhood with indiana jones!

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Blogger xiaoxuan said...

i queued up for watermelon juice, but i didn't realise that it was mr gan's class! haha. sn teachers are such legends (: love your photos.

12:54 AM  
Blogger bean said...

yeap i lovelove sngs and all its quirks! take care xx!

2:36 PM  

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