Sunday, April 27, 2008

no you don't mean no, nothing at all to me.

a nice, sunny day at the beach yesterday, playing ultimate frisbee, looking at moobs and people in tents, dancing the lindy hop, singing britney songs - followed by a yummy pizza dinner. happy 22nd birthday hong dear!

the bus ride home for me was rather tumultous. i overslept on 855 and ended up in somewhere in yishun/ khatib. i quickly crossed the road to take the bus in the opposite direction, but missed it as i was busy lamenting my fate by sms to my friend. deciding that the bus stop i was waiting at was too secluded and fearing that i would meet a mas selamat character, i took 854 until i got to a bus stop that was closer to my place. and resumed waiting for 855 until the bus whizzed by and i realised that 855 didn't stop at that bus stop. exasperated, i walked home. finally managed to get home at 10.30pm when it should have been 9.15pm! a dratted circumstance for people who sleep on public transport.

now i need to finish my emed write-ups! sunday please don't go away so soon.



Blogger hon said...

thanks bean!
but oh dear!! such a terrible journey home! esp when you were so tired.. hope u're much well rested now :)
seeyu in changi!


10:29 PM  
Blogger bean said...

hello hon haha i've already seen you in changi! my days in changi are coming to an end! haha i think you guys are changing posting at the same time as us. maybe we'll meet again, who knows? i'll be at psych!

take care babe!

12:27 AM  

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