Wednesday, April 02, 2008

trapped in the hospital...

why do so many hospitals have stairwells that automatically lock you in when the door shuts? what is the rationale for this? why have i been locked in more than once?

today, i was trapped in a stairwell at AMKCH. i was getting increasingly upset until i found that the door at level 1 was unlocked. the other time this happened was at CGH. then, i escaped into a stairwell because of a coughing fit, and found myself locked in. had to shout and try hard to attract the attention of someone on the opposite side to open the door for me. both times, i wasn't carrying my phone. being locked in is no fun! today, i felt really stupid that i hadn't learnt my lesson.

i'm thinking, it must be some sort of security measure. does it stop the patients from escaping? or intruders from entering the ward areas via the stairwells? hmmm?

it can feel somewhat like a b-grade horror flick!



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