Saturday, May 31, 2008

very desirable ballet flats.

since i'm currently enamoured with ballerina flats, i love this website - they have possibly any colour of the classic flat every girl needs. i'm thinking the first pair above- the henrietta in gold, could be the perfect gold flat... priced at £75.00. now i'm sure i spotted something similar (in pleather though) at bata for SGD30!

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psyched out!

psych has ended. looking forward to three weeks of peace. :)


indiana jones was soooo fun and nostalgic though i thought the storyline was slightly too imaginative. but considering that all indiana jones movies are campy with rather strange/ fantastical plots, i would say it's forgivable. had fun laughing (at the wrong parts!) with cel and xuam too.


happy hols babes and dudes! <3

Thursday, May 29, 2008


the little birds have grown so big! peeking at them really makes me smile.


update on may 31: the little birds fell out of their nest in the rain and my maid brought them inside our house. when the rain stopped, my pap put them back in their nest. the mom bird came looking for them and then they flew away together! all this happened when i was in school. kinda miss them now, seeing their empty nest.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

shoes for lovely people.

shoes for lovely people, from i'm wired to admiring shoes, when i really should be studying for psych EOPT.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

when you no longer are.

Once he had told her something that she could not imagine: that amputees suffer pains, cramps, itches, in the leg that is no longer there. That is how she felt without him, feeling his presence where he no longer was.
- Gabriel Garcia Màrquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

while researching dying/grief for my psych write-up, i came across the following.

"Hampe identified 8 needs of family members of dying persons. These included:
1) to be with the dying person; 2) to be helpful to the dying person; 3) to receive assurance of the dying person's comfort; 4) to be informed of the dying person's condition; 5) to be informed of impending death; 6) to vent emotions; 7) to receive comfort and support from the family; and 8) to receive acceptance, support, and comfort from health care professionals."

it is something we can learn about.

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cartier ballon bleu.

the new cartier ballon bleu collection of watches is a luxe mix of classic and futuristic.

made with precious white, rose or yellow gold and if you choose, diamonds. each watch costs a little more than a small fortune. (USD5,000 to 50,000)

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

and it's you and me.

dinner with the bestie was much enjoyable, and tasty! have fun in malaysia, love!

and a little surprise in my garden- a nest of four little birds! saw their mom feeding them too. think i disturbed them taking this photo.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

what we've been occupied with.

pigging out on sinful bak kut teh, te ka, etc.

hypnosis with dr daniel kwek. he's awesome at bringing you into a totally relaxed, somewhat light-headed - "trance-like" state.

grocery shopping.

"my name is rain" posing.

cooking and consuming prawns. benjy (with help from others) did a great job!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wen: "I know that time was made for men, not the other way around. I have learned how to shape it and bend it. I know how to make a moment last forever, because it already has. And I can teach these skills even to you, Clodpool. I have heard the heartbeat of the universe. I know the answers to many questions. Ask me."
Clodpool: "Er... what does master want for breakfast?"
Wen: "Ah. One of the difficult ones."

from terry pratchett's thief of time.

we are not the same. i'm reaching out, but i know you don't hear me anymore.


can you say cute?!

photos from the finale of gossip girl, via ohnotheydidnt. B looks hot!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

child of the circus.

jessica stam is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful creatures on earth today. that face is doll-like perfection. via foto decadent.


catch of the day.

happiest 22nd birthday to miss chin hui-lin! hope you were very surprised and had a fantastic time! we've come a long way since our days as OG mates of popeye! love ya babe. :)

don't have so many photos 'cos camera was out of battery. more lovely shots to come from our resident photog joachim yau!

today was a happy prawning day for cg1, 2, mike yam and wei en. :D

shawn yong caught the largest prawn i think.

i caught 3 prawns!

the rest here. so much fun - we should do this again sometime!

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