Saturday, May 03, 2008

next up.

part of the wonderful-ness about medicine is the new experiences it offers. psych posting starts next week at IMH, followed by another three weeks at TTSH. i'm kinda looking forward to seeing someone hypnotised and maybe giving it a go myself. and seeing how electroconvulsive therapy is performed.

and part of the stress-inducing, worrying-ness about medicine is the oral vivas and practical tests. there's no escape pathway possible when it's one examiner to one student (or worse- two to one!), you really have to know your stuff. and it takes a certain skill, to be confident in what you're saying and not dig holes for yourself to fall into.

the emergency medicine posting was a good time to revise our procedural skills. (not studying ECGs, however important/ relevant to lifesaving i know they are... give me CXRs anytime.) CGH gave us the opportunity to perform procedures, and we were told to do them or expected to do them ourselves by the doctors. rather than having to ask and disturb them twice.

but more importantly, the posting prodded me a little further along the line of thought of what i might want to do next time.

in a feedback form, we were asked to list our three biggest lessons from the posting. i scribbled:
  1. To treasure life.
  2. To love our patients.
  3. Everyone has someone who loves them very much.



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