Monday, June 30, 2008

going black.

Sepia pasta and asparagus
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squid ink pasta (of any sort, but esp linguine) should be made a staple...



this looks absolutely succulent and sumptuous, if you like chicken drumsticks! i <3 hainanese food from purvis street.


berry nice.

Berry Yoghurt
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berry yoghurt is one of my favourite desserts. healthy, inexpensive and delicious!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

the voyage in tea.

chai tea gets me in an all-adventurous mood, thinking of strange and wonderful places i'll visit one day. its spicy twang is so lively and inviting.


see by chloé cruise.

see by chloe's cruise collection 2008 is a fresh, eclectic mix with colours you want to ride off into the distance in. very pretty.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

the smell of labour.

things i learnt over my call.
  • a considerable amount of work is required on the midwife/ doctor's part during labour in telling the mom to push at the correct time during labour, encourage her because it's so tiring, monitor the fetal heart and well-being, act on complications, deliver the placenta, stitch up, etc.
  • the smell of labour is distinct, but well not what i would call disturbing or obtrusive. think it's a combination of the smell of the amniotic fluid and blood. it lingers in the labour unit.
  • the mommy has to go through alot of pain no matter what form of birth she chooses.
  • it is an extremely happy moment for the mom and dad on hearing the newborn's first cry.
  • when a woman has delivered before, the next delivery can be very quick, like under half an hour.
  • vaginally-born babies may have slightly elongated heads.
  • newborn babies are kinda a reddish-bluish hue and all wrinkly. very cute, especially their little hands and feet! the midwife washes them and their colouring starts to look more regular.

it was a good call, on the whole!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

baby cakes!

out of all the unhappy-ness in life, i'm looking forward to...

delivering a baby! no, not my own.
my first obgyn call tomorrow! i'm reading on the movement of the baby through the birth canal. it's sounds so wriggly and worm-like. prior to this posting i always thought you had to guide the baby out by some combination of twists and turns. but now it sounds like the uterine contractions and mother's bearing down (pushing - valsava manoeuvere) does most of the work. i think so, at least.
will know better when i see it for real. so excited. :)
image from merck.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not on my sleeve.

to me, everything is forgivable but callousness.

why is it... i know that i'll be alone when the time comes?

how could anyone help me for something of this magnitude?

how does one recover?

here's looking at you, babe!

what happened to dressing like regular kids? these outfits are undeniably cute though, like wearing mini versions of mom's very fashionable clothes. from 3.1 phillip lim's spring 2008 collection for children! found on ohjoy!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

vogue living australia.

... is possibly the most beautiful (and my favourite) magazine on earth.

the interiors are gorgeous and inspired.

the art, archi and design ideas featured are eye-catching and inventive. lovely page layouts too.

not to mention, brilliant photography.

a visual feast every issue! mmm are you in love yet? about SGD10 dollars at borders.
photos are from the july/august and march/april 2008 issues, via digitalvogue.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

russian calendar.

an interesting calendar from russia, via view of the dashboard of truck drivers around the world. the first is russia, can you guess the rest of the countries?

i've started o-b-g-y-n! a stressful eight weeks lies ahead.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

who is kris van assche?

belgian designer kris van assche showcases classic, understated and elegant pieces with just a bit of invention.

i'm liking the accesories line too. a burst of whimsicality!
mmm this is how he looks like. via