Saturday, June 28, 2008

the smell of labour.

things i learnt over my call.
  • a considerable amount of work is required on the midwife/ doctor's part during labour in telling the mom to push at the correct time during labour, encourage her because it's so tiring, monitor the fetal heart and well-being, act on complications, deliver the placenta, stitch up, etc.
  • the smell of labour is distinct, but well not what i would call disturbing or obtrusive. think it's a combination of the smell of the amniotic fluid and blood. it lingers in the labour unit.
  • the mommy has to go through alot of pain no matter what form of birth she chooses.
  • it is an extremely happy moment for the mom and dad on hearing the newborn's first cry.
  • when a woman has delivered before, the next delivery can be very quick, like under half an hour.
  • vaginally-born babies may have slightly elongated heads.
  • newborn babies are kinda a reddish-bluish hue and all wrinkly. very cute, especially their little hands and feet! the midwife washes them and their colouring starts to look more regular.

it was a good call, on the whole!



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