Monday, June 02, 2008

yet another shoe post.

you have been forewarned!

marc by marc jacobs mouse ballet flats. these are actually just black patent leather/ cow-print flats with mouse faces on them - but soooo cute!

decided to post about shoes that i actually own... a selection of my fave comfy flats!

brown leather flats from URS, SGD49. i think this is a knockoff of some expensive label but i'm not sure which.

black criss-cross fabric flats from sole passion, SGD21 with half-insoles that cost SGD4. didn't offer much support until i inserted the insoles - now really comfy.

my newest buy from hush puppies - really soft, shiny leather. waited for the great singapore sale to get these at SGD60. i should totally stick a mouse face on it!


holidays are lovely time for shopping with mom, talking to pap over breakfast, chatting with my older sis over dinner and playing with my younger sis. :)

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Anonymous Ashina said...

Fabulous collection!! I like to wear flat shoes more than high heel and those are fantastic and best for spring/summer.

1:44 PM  

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