Sunday, July 13, 2008

random eye candy for the weekend.

clemence poesy for chloe perfumes.

actress tang wei on the cover of vogue taiwan april 2008.

anja rubik, chloe sevigny and clemence poesy on the cover of nylon magazine, april 2008.

chinese models in time style and design 2005.

lakshimi menon for hermes spring/ summer 2008 catalogue.

all photos from and asianmodels.

and some cute illustrations that combine fairy tale/ real-life style icons with modern high fashion. by przemek sobocki, via stylebubble. from top to bottom - marie antoinette in lanvin; fiona from shrek in giuseppe zanotti design; snow white in anteprima; kaguya hime in vivienne westwood; pocahontas in bottega veneta.


in other news, i have to finish my obs write-up really soon, since next week is my dad's sixtieth birthday week!

and i've been thinking, a molar pregnancy is truly a terrible thing. a woman might be so happy at being pregnant, until she discovers what she has is a mole - non-viable, not a fetus, rather a messy growth. which is bad enough. worse still, the mole could potentially become persistant, invasive and cancerous. at least the rate of CA is low a molar pregnancy is rare in the first place...

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