Friday, July 11, 2008

ready to rumble.

Expectant mother parking
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this week went by reeeally fast. even with a quiet call yesterday night. at least i had a good dinner (crystal jade lamian)... and managed to scrub in for a c-section.

ben and i were at NUH from 7.30am on thursday to 5.30pm today- that makes 34 hours! in the near future, marathon calls when we're actual house officers will not be easy to get through.

i think obs is fun because of a. the mommies - talking to them about their little princes/ princesses, examining their bellies, hearing the fetal heartbeat on doppler, etc. and b. the babies - so cute, gurgly and wide-eyed, blissfully unaware of their fates... methinks they represent all that is happy, hopeful and beautiful in this world.



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