Saturday, August 16, 2008

a break.

wonder if i spoke too soon. the end of posting test... omg. felt so fumbly in some of the stations. and really bombed in 1 or 2. well nothing much to do but wait for the result... may i pass. sigh.

the picture above was drawn by liwei and me! bean in utero... haha the umbi cord is not joined to the placenta! or there are two umbi cords.

i watched the olympics for 4 hours straight!

saw jamaican usain bolt run the 100m in 9.69secs. mind-boggling!

and the chinese men's table tennis team advance to the finals after beating korea 3-0.

plus roger federer and stansilas wawrinka win gold against sweden in the men's doubles! woohoo!

photos from here.



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