Saturday, October 18, 2008

thoughts on paediatrics.

i will say that i enjoyed paeds very much. i also understand now why friends who had taken the posting previously were so stressed over it. paeds is medicine +++. the knowledge involved is rather formidable... knowing how to id and correct fluid, electrolyte and metabolic disorders; going through how to treat simple paediatric conditions eg GE, pneumonia; learning about the multiple complications of cerebral palsy, spina bifida, thalassaemia; describing odd skin lesions (heliotropic rash, gottron's papules of dermatomyositis?)...
perhaps the most valuable learning point was seeing medicine more as a big picture than i have before. this was something i had not done enough in previous postings... being too focused on the patient's problems rather than the patient as a whole.

it was all good. and we were lucky for some amazing tutors at both NUH and KKH. initial apprehension about leaving NUH? rather unfounded. :)

paeds test today... liver nodules with bleeding varices, altered mental state requiring ICU admission... thereafter developing ?encephalopathy and neurogenic bladder. diagnosis was... wilson's disease! i did not get the diagnosis. i probably didn't ask enough relevant history, but i would not have known anyway. ah well.
note to self. things to LEARN PROPERLY SINCE I HAVEN'T before MBBS: disorders of sex, puberty, congenital heart disease, headache disorders, nocturnal enuresis, childhood cancers, failure to thrive... hahaha. may i remember this blog post when the time comes.
but... YAY! A BREAK AFTER FOUR MONTHS. finally! i am filled with a simple joy.



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