Friday, May 22, 2009

Green Bean Hearts.

Green Hearts
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This whole week has been mad. Another system to study everyday. Trying my utmost to memorise anatomy, physiology, patho-physio and implications in anaesthesia. Failing mostly because of tiredness and poor understanding.

I've realised that respi is probably the hardest physio chapter. Think what I learnt in M1 barely scraped the surface. When I was reading it yesterday I kept losing all the concepts. Haha. JB West! Will read that book thoroughly one day.

Dr L has been a great teacher, encouraging me to think and taking the time to explain what was going on. Despite my extensive shortcomings.

Got to see some interesting things at SGH too, sat in for four ops that utilised cardiopulmonary bypass. Had the opportunity to see some of the cool new technology SGH OT has.

A good short posting it has been. Off to the last posting of these electives - AH Geriatrics. :)


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